Angular vs React : Which one is the best?

Comprehensive Comparison : React and Angular Framework

Many developers do not know which framework to choose, no matter if they just start to learn, pick the right framework for next project or planning the right technology stack for your company.

The answer to which one is the best framework is depends on many situations.

You need to answer some of the questions in order to determine which framework should you choose.

  1. What is my experience looks like?
  2. What is the learning curve of both frameworks?
  3. What kind of paradigms and patterns does it utilize?
  4. What are the open source libraries can be used with the frameworks?

Learning Curve


Smaller framework and least abstraction which makes it easier to learn. In order to be React expertise, it might still take some time. 


It is easy to learn in the beginning (writing Hello World) program. Afterward, the learning curve get much steeper very quickly.



  • Using JSX, XML like language build on top of JavaScript (no templates)
  • XSS protection
  • Tools for unit-testing components
  • No dependency injection


  • Utilize Templates
  • Ajax requests by @angular/http
  • XSS protection
  • Tools for unit-testing components
  • Dependency injection
  • @angular/forms for building forms

There is less features on React which could be either good thing or bad thing. You will have more flexibility to choose your own needs but you need the knowledge to pick your own libraries.


Popular Libraries for React:

  1. React-router for routing.
  2. Fetch for HTTP requests.
  3. Enzyme for additional unit-testing utilities.


Both react and angular performance are almost comparable. React might be faster when if fully support fiber (beta mode) but it does not make any huge difference.

To sum up the analysis, the best framework to use is depending on your situations. 

Using the above guidance and the lists below, you will be able to answer which framework you should employ.

  1. How big is the project?
  2. How long will the project run? 
  3. Is all the features defined upfront? 
  4. What kind of features you need?
  5. What is your team technical experience?
  6. What kind of libraries will you use?

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