Frequently asked questions

The insiders are people who work in certain position in the company who you want to work for.

Unfortunately due to company policy, we will provide you the insiders who work in the position and company you are interested. We choose and train these insiders carefully so that they can give out the right feedbacks for you.

We will guarantee you to have a friendly conversation with the insiders. You can introduce yourself and your background during the conversation. You are expected to bring your own questions about the position. However, our insiders also can give you tips and information about the position in the company you are interested as well.

You are more than welcome to structure the 30 mins conversation as well, but our insiders will already prepare to answer your question based on the objective you fill in the form.

After the call, both you and the insiders will rate each other. Our insiders may refer you to the company if they see a good fit in you. You are welcome to take any constructive feedbacks from the insiders.

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